Friday, May 9, 2014

Garage Sale Dolly

Garage Sales. I love them. And this weekend is the town wide garage sales!!!!! I had a really cool find.
This is Dolly. She is 26" tall. She was laying in a pile of clothes and her arm had fallen off. :(
I bought her for $2! When I got her home I found that more than just her arm needed fixing. Her eyes where all white and her hair was TERABLE!

I set right to work. First her clothes came off. TO MUCH PINK!
The back on her arm went. It was surpriznly easy. It just snapped in. I then cleaned her with a magic eraser. Next I scrubbed her eyes with a cloth and then with a tooth brush. (I blew on her eyes to make sure the water was all out.)
Now came the hair. It used to be in curls but that had long sence been gone. Taking a small section of hair at a time I soaked each strand with water and carefully combed through it with my wire doll brush. After all the big rats where out I went at it with a New (I didn't want dadriff in my dollys hair....) plastic comb. Her bangs were alful so I took some hair and made new.
I gave her a fresh set of clothes and now she is Beataful!

Here is a quick comparison with my american girl doll Sarah. She also has red hair.
The hair color is much the same.
What do you think of Dolly?