Friday, March 28, 2014

Sarah Update

Hi! Long tome no post, I know. Sorry about that. I thought I would take the time to update you on how my custom historical doll Sarah was coming. :D So the first thing I did was to give her a good cleaning. I also tightened her limbs. I was going to make seprate posts on how to do this but I am lazy and I skipped some steps..... So here are some links to some GREAT posts and videos.

Cleanning Vinyl
Vinyl Girls Post
stephenswodadancer Magic Eraser-Video

Tightning Limbs
stephenswodadancer  Part1 Part2 Part 3 Video

Ok now that thats done..... I also Added Freckles! :) now I WILL show you how to do this. :)

You will need:
Brown Washible marker
A Perniment Marker
A wet (but not dripping) Rag

I tested it on her foot.....

The first way I will show you is Removable Freckles.
Take the Washible marker and holding your doll in you lap carefully put little dots on her cheeks and across her nose. You make put as many of as few as you would like. They come of at anytime with a wet rag. You can even leave them on for a year or more and they WILL come of. BUT ONLY IF YOU USE A WASHABLE MARKER!!!!! very inportant.

Now for the Pernament.
I did the washible BEFORE I did the pernament so I knew how I wanted it.
This is the same as the washable but I want to say, BE VERY CAREFULL!!!! THIS WILL NOT COME OFF!

So what do you think?  I will answer any questions you might have.......

Oh And I Guess I will ask. I have made Outfits for her. But i don't Have to "Whole" outfit. Like american girl would sell. Meaning I don't have the Shoes yet.... etc)  Do you want t see the utfits before they are "Complete"? Or wait? Comments below! :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Sunflower Blogger Award

Yeah! I think. I Got this award from Autumn! I love doing these things but I can't always think of people to nominate. And this one calls for 11! I will do my best but no promises........
The Rules:
1. Share 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer the 11 questions set by your nomination blogger- Nominate 11 bloggers
3. Set questions for the nominated bloggers.
11. Facts
1. I am the Oldest in my family
2. I am graduating this year. AND ITS GETTING CLOSE!!!!!!!!!
3. I am sick of winter
4. I have 7 dolls
5. I sleep in a bunk bed
6. I will never get tired of hearing Dad read at night.
7. I have a obsession with Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures and Sofia the First. :P
8. I used to play Piano.
9. I have a violin. But can't find a teacher.
10. I LOVE to sing.
11. I sing all the time.
Just ask my siblings
My Questions:
Kindle or iPad?
Umm. Well I have nether. I do have a iPod. Does that Count?
So.... Um.... iPad
Strangest place you've ever been?
Umm. I can't think of anything. But I will say that when me and my friends get together we DO some pretty strange things..... ;)
Makeup or no makeup?
No Makeup. not a drop. Nothing! Completely natural. Well you get the point.
Favorite animal?
Bunny and Horse :D
Ever ridden a horse?
I actually owned one for about two years......
An obsession?
Dolls, Stopmotions, My computer......
Library or mall?
Organized or disorganized?
Depends. I can't think when I am disorganized, But it happens anyway.
Reader or writer?
Both. But I think I write more.
Best gift ever received?
Well That would have to be God Sending his only son to Die for my sins!
Favorite movie?
Tangled, An American tale (Fielev goes west) :)
N O M I N E E ' S Q U E S T I O N S
Favorite "Toy"?
Favorite Subject in school?
Do you Collect anything?
White or Black?
Flowers or Stars?
When you have the option, Do you Call a Friend or Text a Friend?
If you could have ANYTHING in the world, What would it be?
A Princess or A Pop star? ;)
Sing or dance?
City or Country?
Favorite Pop/Soda?
The Nominee's
Um So I have NO idea who to nominate so you can do this if you wish! Anyone may!
One request though. Comment down below your Blog address so I can read it if you do it :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Surprize doll!!!!!!

She here!!! I'm So excited!
Here she is in the box.
The Box is open!
And here she is! #33
Here she is with her hair combed.
It is really pretty and goes down to her waist.
She has very pretty blue eyes.

Meet Sarah Hope Miller! A historical from the year 1850.
(California Gold Rush)
She is wearing her Travel Dress. Not her Meet dress. I haven't made that yet.
I will be changing her eye color and giving her freckles. I am also "Collecting" her world. Only most of the things will be made by me.
Now for a contest. What hair style should her meet style be?
One braid?
Two Braids?
One ponytail?
Comment below!
Come back soon to see her world grow!!!!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Super EXCITED!!!!!!

So I am About to go head of heels!!!!!!!!! One of my friends is selling her doll and she offered her to me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to use her as a customizing doll. She is going to be a historical doll. (All of my curent dolls are modern, even if they are historicals) I will show her customazation here as it goes along. Come back monday evening to see who this surprize doll is............ ;) And learn more about her!!!!!!

Here is a sneek peak!